About Us 


 'Expert London' is the Modern and Vintage lifestyle Brand offering Mens and Womens Leather bags and accessories.Our goal is to create the finest and toughest leather goods in the world.We offer exculsive leather products and affordable price to our customer. 


We don't compromise Quality.We use eco-friendly leather and best materials to produce bags and accessories available to consumers that not only make you look good, but that also make a possitive difference in the world.


 We try to have a minimum environmental impact and therefore only use a natural tanning process. Our lovely bags are made from luxurious , vegetable -tanned leather and use italian colors.Our leather are tanned without the use of harmful chemicals like chromiam.This makes our leather biodegradable.Our leather will age beautifully over time the more you use it. 


 We belive that using vegetable tanned is currently the most sustainable option to produce bags that you can use for a life time.


 Kazi Akter